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Showbox app for PC / Laptop Download - Windows 7,8.1 & Mac

Showbox app for PC/Laptop Download Windows 10 & Mac: Howdy,Folks! In this article I will show a simple procedure to download awesome app.One which helps you watch all kinds of movies,TV series and more.Now you can Download Showbox app for PC using Android Emulators like download Bluestacks or Youwave.Are you tired of searching and streaming movies and TV serials online? Then Showbox app is right choice which has great collection of High quality movies and TV shows.Showbox is available on both Android and iOS platforms.Before sharing how to download showbox app for PC,Let me share key features of showbox app.Showbox app for PC.

Showbox app for PC

Showbox for android is a platform that sets up a complete scenario of an entertainment zone where we can get ourselves entertained and amused in the way we like. The application is embed with easy and approachable options so that anyone belonging to any age may access the application without seek much for guidance or struggle. The app allows the user to navigate, search and sort out different movies along with variable display resolutions so that we may watch the desired movies whether in Low or high resolution.

Features of Showbox App on PC

  • All favorite movies are available to stream or download to pc
  • Enjoy Movies in HD quality on big computer screen.
  • Avoid data wastage on Mobiles by using showbox for PC.
  • Completely free of cost
  • Easy user interface and control the video progress.

Showbox app is not officially available for PC and not even on Google Playstore.Not to worry you can download showbox app for pc using Bluestacks android emulator.Showbox app for PC.Bluestacks allows you to run apk files on PC so using this android emulator I will show how to download Showbox for PC......

How to Download Showbox app for PC / Laptop 

  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC >> click here.
  • After you download bluestacks on your PC double click on the setup file and install it on your PC.
  • Wait for the installation to complete. After installation completes you can see bluestacks app as desktop shortcut on your PC.
  • Click on Search and Type "Showbox" in the search box as shown in image.
  • Click on Showbox logo and download showbox app for pc.
  • After downloading click on Showbox icon ('eye symbol')
  • Now you can start using showbox app for PC as shown in screenshot.

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Showbox app for PC

Enjoy latest movies,Anime and Tv shows in HD quality with showbox app on pc.If you have any queries or problems related to download showbox app for pc,please make sure you comment.

Download ShowBox akp file for PC.

ShowBox 4.65 (Update 19 may)
ShowBox 4.64 (Update 1 may)
ShowBox 4.61
ShowBox 4.53
ShowBox 4.27
ShowBox 4.25
Version 4.08

Welcome users of the application Showbox, the latest version has been removed captcha. Our servers were attacked ( envious of our app ) and part of the film was removed from the servers. So it turns out the server error. We need time to rebuild everything and fix some bugs. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are working diligently to fix and restore application. Download the app Showbox and use it ( Most of the movies work without modification ). As soon as everything is fixed, we will notify you on our website. Thanks again for understanding...

A large part of the film has been restored and is available for viewing. Movies in which you can choose the extension you can view and download without any problems. Movies in which no lines of the choice of extension is not yet uploaded to the server, but we're working on it. As for TV shows, we can't restore all at once for a few days (work is currently under way which was done a few years), please be patient. Once you have recovered all the films, our team will restore all the TV shows. Thank you for your patience and understanding...http://www.zspotnow.com/

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Trace Mobile Number with Exact Name & Location

How to Trace Mobile Number with Exact Name & Location also Find IMEI number of lost/stolen Android mobile.Find My Phone? Where is my phone? Are you feeling annoyed and also tired of fake calls? Want to find out the culprit? Check out How to trace mobile number with exact name and location.Prank calls are common and test your patience,sometimes this also leads to mishaps and you will be in the firing zone.trace mobile number.Prank or Fake calls may be from telephone agencies,Lucky draw coupon results and even from unknown sources,who tell all kinds of stuff like you have won a million :P.trace mobile number.But then, with the latest technology these calls can be traced.That is you can actually trace mobile number,find who called you with also his service provider,Location (address) and other whereabouts.Here are the best possible methods to trace mobile number that will work wonders for you.

Trace Mobile Number

How to Trace Mobile Number with Exact Name & Location

1: Trace Mobile Number using Websites

There are lot of websites available that help you trace mobile number directly and also give info about fake caller.Just visit the sites I have provided below and you need to fill in some basic info like Name,Mail-Id and other details.You must enter the mobile number and find the culprit and prankster.Also fill in the correct STD code and check the results of fake calls.These websites are extremely handy in figuring out the location and name.Check out top 5 websites that help you trace mobile number.
trace mobile number how to

2: Trace Mobile Number Using Mobile Apps

Smartphones can turn out to be one of the best tools to figure out prank calls and trace mobile number.You can diretly download the best possible tracing apps from Google Playstore.Even IOS has few apps available in Apple store which you can download and moreover you can use iCloud and track your mobile number.Check out: how to track lost iPhone or iPad.Whenever you get a fake call or prank call you can use the apps mentioned below ..
  • ZoeMob Family Tracker   :                    Extremely easy and handy fake call tracing app
  • Phone and Cell Tracker India  :      This App Traces all Indian Numbers 

 3: Trace Mobile Number Using SMS 

Don’t have Internet or any kind of Smart phones? No regrets at all,you can trace and track the mobile number which you desire using SMS based applications.One of the simplest methods to trace mobile number,Just send sms to specific number and in particular format as shown below.All the tracking details will be messaged back to you.Follow the 2 methods as shown below:
  • Send “@iTrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace” without the quote and the brackets to 9266592665
  • Send “#TrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace” without the quote and brackets to 5544.
Note: SMS charges for this services varies from Operator to Operator and may range from 2 to 7 INR

4: Alternate Methods: Using  Wikipedia and Google 

After using the Above 3 Methods and still you can’t find the actually details of the mobile number.I recommend you to use this method after trying out all above methods and use it only if above methods are unsuccessful.
how to trace mobile number
Wikipedia: Use Wikipedia to get details regarding series of mobile codes ,zones and more. You can check out articles like List of mobile phone number series by country and Mobile telephone numbering in India.

Google: Enter the mobile number you want to trace in Google search engine and try to know maximum details regarding  mobile number.Google search engine traces details which may be available in their Google Plus,Websites,Facebook etc.

Trace Mobile Number and Lost IMEI Number using Google

The first thing you may have done after buying your Android phone is adding your Google Account to your device. And you probably don’t know, but when you add your Google account to your Android phone, it saves all the details about your phone in its database, including the IMEI number of the phone. You can retrieve the IMEI number of your lost or stolen Android phone from your Google account easily.
  • Login to your Google Account.
  • Scroll down to for “Android” section and Click on it.
  • This will give you drop down Section which gives the IMEI, Model number, Manufacturer, Network Carrier information, and Also the App Backup Information of all your android devices used with this particular GMail Account.
Trace Mobile Number and Find IMEI number of lost mobile.
Find IMEI Number of lost/stolen Android Mobile
  • This is how you can retrieve your IMEI number of your Lost android mobile.
For Android Users, I suggest them to activate the Device manager Option in their android mobiles which helps us to track the mobile with it’s exact coordinates on Google Maps using Google Account.
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  • trace mobile number on map.
  • trace mobile number with name.
  • trace mobile number with address.
  • trace mobile number owner.
  • Find IMEI number of Android mobile.
  • trace mobile number world.
  • Mobile number tracker in USA.
These are the four methods I felt will help you Trace mobile Number and also track fake calls or pranks.Hope you found the article interesting and useful too.Please share express your views regarding this article and You can also share any other techniques to trace mobile number.
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Monday, 28 March 2016

Download WhatsApp for PC Laptop Free Windows 10 & MAC

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 10: Welcome to article to Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop free Windows/MAC & also Use on Web Browser.Most of few might have heard about new whatsapp features and privacy.Recently Facebook also brought Whatsapp for $19 billion to add to its new features.Whatsapp is often considered as top messaging services in world. Whatsapp is now available in all smartphones, Nokia mobiles, iphones and ipads.It is even available on popular Android emulators like Bluestacks and Youwave which helps you communicate swiftly and effectively.Follow the complete guide on How to Download Whatsapp for PC.

Download Whatsapp for PC

What is Whatsapp ? How Does it Work?

Whatsapp is a typical kind of a messenger which allows you to send free messages ,send photos ,videos ,songs ,locations and contacts too.So whatsapp serves many needs for free.New added features give more privacy as you can hide your status,display pics and disable last seen from viewing. Whatsapp for pc is available and web browser also.WhatsApp uses XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) to handle the message delivery system.

  • Unlimited Text Messages
  • Share videos,Images and even Audio messages
  • Privacy: You can Hide Last seen,status and also Display pic.
  • Archive all the messages and Conversation backup is other feature
  • Change Whatsapp Wallpaper and also save Incoming Media
  • Create your own groups and chat with close ones at once.
  • Share chat conversation on Email and other services.
Usage of Whatsapp is not that complicated these days especially with launch of new Whatsapp on Web.All you need is a smartphone with latest and updated OS.Below is the simple Guide to download and use whatsapp for pc or laptop.

How to use WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome web browser? 

Step 1: Firstly Whatsapp on web is available only on chrome so Download Chrome here.

Step 2: Navigate to Whatsapp Web official page >> Click here.

Step 3: Open Whatsapp on Smartphone click on three dots > Whatsapp Web.

whatsapp for pc

Step 4: Scan the QR code on PC with your smartphone www.bluestacks.com/download.htmlPhone.

download whatsapp for pc

Step 5: See that both your PC and smartphone are connected with Internet.

Step 6: Now you can Send and receive messages on Whatsapp Web.
Note: Get connected your smartphone with Wi-Fi Network to avoid excess data charges from your operator.
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How to Download WhatsApp for PC(Alternate Method)

Step 1: As you know Android apps on PC is possible only due to Bluesatcks and Youwave Emulators.

Step 2: Download Youwave Android app player or Bluestacks Android app player.

whatsapp for pc

Step 3: Click on View > Online Content > Import Whatsapp.

whatsapp for pc

Step 4: Click on install.

whatsapp for pc

Step 5: Follow Whatsapp installation process.
Many of you might have a opinion that Youwave is not full version and its 10 days trial version.Hence I have a trick so please comment your Fb profile I will tell u the trick.

Complete Guide to Download & Install WhatsApp on Windows 10

Download Whatsapp for PC
  • Select  the operating system which you are using; mostly it might be Windows or Mac and download the respective version and install the app.
  • After you download this BlueStacks software from the official webpage, Double click on the downloaded file and install it, like you install other software’s on your PC.
  • Click on Search button and search for “WhatsApp“.
  • Then you will be provided with different sources from where you can download Whatsapp App. I prefer Google Play,so just click on Whatsapp Messenger on Google Play column and install the app.
  • After installing WhatsApp open it then you have to Choose your Country and Enter Phone number.
  • The moment you enter the Phone number the corresponding mobile will receive a 4 digit Pass Code.
  • Enter the Code to start using Whatsapp on your PC.

Infographic on Download Whatsapp for PC

whatsapp for pc
Image Credits: AlltechBuzz.net.
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There is one drawback in Whatsapp for PC is that you cannot import your contact list from mobile to PC. You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp.This is it I have provided the two best methods to download Whatsapp for pc. STay Tuned to zspotnow.
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